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Never mind tame chat from your favourite girls. Here is the place to enjoy exclusive scandals, confessions, dilemmas, revenge and even more stories with Girls Overheard.
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About Girls Overheard

The Good Motherhood Podcast have had a glow and grow up - introducing GIRLS Overheard. Girls Overheard with Ash Reid, Eilidh Wells and Lauren Kerr.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, these girls are here to be overheard anytime.

With a mix of real life girly chat, topical news & celebrity gossip these girls are real, relatable and share with you their life - not just as mums but as girls (never ladies!) navigating their way through life. They have even been known to have listeners laugh out loud in public with their comedy gold moments!

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Ash Reid | Eilidh Wells | Lauren Kerr
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